Founded by Angel Acevedo in 2015, Revolutionary Council Afrobeat is a 10 piece musical force Drawing inspiration from African musical styles such as Afrobeat (Pioneered by Fela Kuti in 60s Nigeria) and International Funk from the Diaspora pioneers such as Ebo Taylor, Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo de cotonou, and Manu Dibango. the Orchestra is based in New York City they regularly dazzle audiences with hypnotic beats and daring improvisations .The band features a tenured line up of City musicians, Some of the line up includes: musical director, Daniel Jones who plays on both Piano and Tenor saxophone occasionally the baritone sax , Angel Acevedo Multi instrumentalist and bandleader bringing a strong rhythmic foundation and a wide variety of his afrobeat compositions.

The horn section features: Brian Cuifo, a veteran saxophonist  the foundation to this horn section , Trumpet & Flugelhorn specialist Pasha Karchevsky, a lyrical soloist bringing a jazz edge into the band with exceptional precision, Trombonist Brian Morgan, aka "Slide Funk" bringing the power to the brass section he also doubles on percussion, lastly saxophonist Daniel Jones ,  Keyboardist Saxophonist & Composer/Arranger  with incredible improvisational mindhe applies his vast understanding of traditional African music and Jazz and latin.

The rhythm section features:  Angel Acevedo , Drummer, Composer & multi instrumentalist he has gained a reputation as a afrobeat powerhouse and a visionary  forming the group with the intention to tear up dance floors and rival fake music.  Indigo Smith, a multi-percussionist who adds a deep spiritual energy to the music with her percussion, Zachary Granick, Bassist  with a lot of Soul he digs his roots into each tune with his inventive melodic style and .Adanna Alexander Djembefola playing with a deep understanding of African Rhythm each stroke with incredible precision  . Issac Freidman  Guitarist and occasionally 2nd Bass "Izzy" takes the guitar to uncharted territory in afrobeat with his soaring guitar solos and his always driving rhythm . Babalola Ajisafe  at the Conga drums is a force to be rekoned with bringing a complex mix of African rhythms with a power that will send anybody to the dance floor, Daniel Kottmann playing the guitar he brings the string section together with his punchy and always funky tenor guitar lines.

Also performing and recording with the Council are

Paul Dubail - Electric Guitar / Effects , Misha Savage - Electric Guitar / vocals , Jef Brown - Tenor & Soprano Saxophones Jason Disu -Trombone /chorus  , Nolan Tsang - Trumpet/ percussion   John Otten - Trumpet/ percussion , Gabriel Caplan - Electric Guitar

RCA has delivered electrifying performances at several of the city's top venues such as Brooklyn Bowl, Nublu, and SOB's. In October of 2016, the group hosted their own Felabration, a milestone event in Harlem, which payed respect to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the undisputed king of afrobeat. On that night RCA  performed for  over 3 hours featuring tunes such as "Opposite People" "Johnny Just Drop" "No Agreement" "Upside Down" "Zombie" with the grand finale of "Alagbon Close"  an original member of Fela's Egypt80 known as Leon kaleta majek introduced the band and shared some of his experiences at Fela's Club "Afrika Shrine"... This Year the "Felabration" Event will be held on September 16th at " The Strand Smokehouse" The band will be joined by special guests instrumentalists and vocalists this event marks nearly 20 years since Fela Anikulapo Kuti is no longer with us. 


Revolutionary Council is forging ahead in 2017 composing new music, recording their Debut Ep

Dropping Fall of 17"