Revolutionary Council Afrobeat

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Founded in 2015, Revolutionary Council Afrobeat is a musical collective influenced by the sounds of West African Funk & "Afrobeat" A term coined by the pioneers of the music in the mid 60's. since the bands conception the goal has always been to elevate the genre "Afrobeat" through their compositions and live performances bringing together music and Dance , R.C.A has quickly gained a reputation as a  high intensity band with a multitude of original compositions and cover arrangements  that reflect the fast paced day to day life in new york city. Recently the band has started working on their debut Ep that will feature live performances that took place over the course of 2017 and 2018. 

The horn section

 the horns feature 4 members 

: Brian Cuifo,a veteran saxophonist and musical arranger, brian has been with the band since it's foundation he has been a integral part of the horns section, He has also played a role in the bands composition process bringing a few of his original tunes into the mix. next we have the Trumpet player  Nolan Tsang Widely known for his lyrical rhythmic  style and great improvisational sense he also regularly doubles on percussion operating the shekere and bell. Trombonist Brian Morgan, A dangerous individual when armed with his trombone he also doubles on backing vocals and percussions, last but not the least we have the Musical director.. Pianist.. Saxophonist.. Composer.. Daniel Jones  a founding  member of the council since day 1, daniel has been trained on taking the genre of afrobeat music to new heights on all fronts, Daniel utilizes his vast knowledge of traditoional african musical practices as a guide in his compositions and performance style.

The rhythm section

 rhythm section features 6 members

Angel Acevedo - the founder  and band leader primarily holding it down from behind the drums angel has gained a reputation of an afrobeat powerhouse capable of playing very complex and intricate patterns all while vocalizing and directing the band and audience at times making it look effortless we have chief percussionist & Art director Indigo Smith she plays a major hand in the high energy and uplifting quality of R.C.A's sound and live shows indigo has created and innovated new techniques and timbres not commonly heard in a traditional contexts, Zach Granick,at the bass  is the foundation of the rhythm section with his melodic bass style and his impeccable sense of groove he plays a crucial part to the sound of the council, Adanna Alexander primarily playing the djembe and a assortment of percussion insturments she also can be heard on vocal backings and she is also a gifted dancer often times taking her drum and dance into the audience adanna joined the revolutionary council afrobeat orchestra in the summer of 2016 and has become a mainstay of the we have  Babalola Ajisafe  at the Conga drums is a force to be rekoned with he plays with a unparalleled ferocity and drive, his conga style bridges the gap between the traditional yoruba rhythms and more modern styles. BOb often leaves even the most veteran of conga drummers in astonishment he can make 2 congas sound like 20. he has been with this orchestra since formation in 2015.we have Guitar virtuoso Daniel Kottmann  who plays a major  role in the afrobeat rhythm section performing what is called the "Tenor Guitar" a percussive single note melodic style crucial to any afropbeat groove. completing the guitar section is Andrew Yanchyshyn with his funky rhythm guitar another crucial element to the afrobeat sound, it's almost impossible to overlook call and response nature that the guitars play in Afrobeat often times it can be seens as conversation that is based in rhythm and melody..

Other council members

Jason Disu - Trombone

 Kai Sandoval - Trumpet )

 Nolan Tsang - Trumpet

John otten - Trumpet

 Noah Halpern - Trumpet

 Isaac friedman - Guitar & Bass

 Misha savage - Guitar

 Theo moore - Percussion

 Jef brown - tenor & soprano sax

 Paul Dubail - Guitar

Tyreek Jackson - bass & effects